Monday, December 14, 2009

Plans for 2010

I've gone through a lot of changes since mid-year. Ironically, a little over a month after I turned 30. I remember creating a post a month before my birthday listing down my goals for the next decade of my life and I've already commented on how accurately the Universe followed my list- although not in the easiest, happiest way. I am alive and kicking though and still looking forward to this decade. In many ways, now more so than ever before, it feels like a new start. So I was thinking of listing down things again. Goals, desires, plans- however you want to call it. At least for 2010 first. Affie also made me think had about this, since it seems she already has her goals for next year set. So what will go into this list? Hmmmm...

1. More financial stability- I need to get regularized, then I need to perform so that before my 1st year I can look at trying to jump to the next job group. Of course, this means I have to learn a bajillion things in less than 12 months- so much so that I will have a complete set of competencies under my belt for the move upwards. I see this as a tough task since I've come to discover the company I've been targeting joining in, like, forever, is pretty boring. For people who know me well enough, alarm bells should be going off since I don't do boring very well. But I am thinking, you can't get everything you want all the time. So I am determined to make lemonade out of these lemons. In fairness, they are pretty good quality lemons so the lemonade should taste fantastic, regardless of the creativity in making it so. So there.

2. Practical but important things to schedule and accomplish- 1. school of Tyler- I need to decide whether to put him in in January or start the school year fresh in June. January pros would be that he is back in an environment he likes (schooling) which might further help him adjust to our new life, he would get a full quarter of learning to help prepare him for big boy school when he turns 6 (which is in 2 years! boohoo! my baby boy- this is for another post). January cons would be EXPENSIVE!!! But I am hoping to iron this out with their dad. 2. doctor's vaccinations- Tyler is late for one vaccine and a booster, and Skye hasn't gotten her MMR. I've been vacillating about this because of fear over the alleged links of vaccines to latent autism. But when she broke out mid-year in what looked like a measles rash, I panicked. So I think I am going to get it done. She'll be 2.2 years by then and her brother is OK and got it before his 18th month so I am hoping... 3. transportation set-up- I don't know if this means I have to seriously look into getting a car. I also don't know how this is feasible since I don't think I can afford one anytime soon. I just know that I need one, mainly for the kids, since I can survive well enough commuting. 4. Good, stable, dependable yaya's- I have one already. I am hoping that I get an all around/yaya who is as good if not better and who won't cost me an arm and a leg.

3. More love of self- I think I've forgotten how to really and truly love myself. I can almost feel eyebrows rising to the high heavens. Yes, really. I mean, I know I can be all about myself at times- when talking over coffee, in reacting to certain situations, etc. I mean, look at the name of my blog, for Pete's sake! But that's not really what I am referring to here. I hope I am able to articulate this well. I am talking about the loving what's deep inside so well that it just feeds into everything about you- this needs re-learning. I don't think I've fed my soul anytime lately- read a really good book that made me think about things and decide about my own life plan; seen a fantastic movie that made me remember and cry and process and laugh; watched a play or concert, gone to the spa, and so on and so forth- just done things that make me feel good so much that this just gets absorbed into my pores and is translated to the world. When I was in college, I walked around with the supreme confidence that I was the best I could be in so many ways and that who wouldn't want to get to know me because of that. It sounds arrogant, I know. But I am not saying I felt like I was the prettiest, sexiest, smartest woman around. Just that for me, myself, I was fabulous. And I want to get that back. That confidence that required no one's input to keep the tank full. ME.

4. Someone to watch over me- hehehehe. I thought the song would be the most fitting line for this point. After all the "me" loving comes the person who will love, adore, worship me. Hahahahaha! I am officially claiming this. 2010 is the year. Before my birthday, preferably. And when he finally finds me, it will be grand!

I think these are 4 important goals, desires, plans for 2010. And I am hoping the Universe is as dependable in 2010 as it was this year. Note to Universe though, please make it happy this time. I think I could use a leg up.


  1. You have my support in achieving these goals, Vicki. :)
    (he he, as if it mattered?)

  2. Support matters, Numi. I think this year has proved that well enough. And thanks! I will count on it, even in intention only. See you soon! :)