Thursday, June 3, 2010

Post Birthday Wish List

I've been meaning to blog about some birthday wishes, realizations, what-have-you before my actual birthday but, obviously, I wasn't able to do so. Still, I feel like I have all these thoughts, feelings, and goals locked in my brain that I just have to write them down, at the very least, to satisfy my need for a semblance of organization.

That said, what will follow is a combined "list" of sorts. Bear with me.

31 Goals, Convictions, Desires for 2010

1-Goal: To be happy without depending on someone else to be the source of this happiness.
2-Goal: To lose 20 pounds over the year
3- Conviction: Before I turned 30, I wanted to do away with the unimportant things and to focus on the things that matter. Well, this year I want to be more specific. I am convinced that what matters to me in a partner is love, loyalty, responsibility, consistency. Everything else stems from these 4 traits. And so I want to focus on the person who will be all of that to and for me and my kids.
4-Desire: I want a car before Christmas 2011.
5-Desire: I want a new PC before mid- next year.
6-Desire: I want gym membership in the last quarter of this year onwards.
7- Goal: to realize my 5-year tuition plan, and to add my own personal savings plan to the mix.
8-Goal: to get promoted in a year
9-Conviction: Romance is not dead. It is only dead if you kill it.
10-Conviction: I cannot do casual sex or casual relationships. If, in my teens and twenty's I didn't care about tomorrow. in my thirty's I find that I do.
11-Conviction: My friends are my treasures.
12-Goal: to pay all smaller debts by Christmas next year.
13-Desire: a new wardrobe
14-Desire: a bigger place with lower rent
15-Conviction: I am not the person a lot of people thought I was in ITI (negative). I am soooo much better than that.
16-Goal: to rediscover God. Again.
17-Goal: to get a sideline I can manage so that I can earn more
18-Desire: to take a trip out of town every year
19-Conviction: In times of panic, sleep.
20-Conviction: I am stronger than I thought I was or could be.
21- Conviction: I think things to death. I do. And those time when I thought I would go crazy, I stayed sane through prayer. So prayer is stronger than anyone knows.
22-Goal: to make sure my kids have all they need and then some of what they want
23-Goal: to figure out a medical plan for the kids
24-Goal: to sort out all the late vaccinations
25-Desire: to get a new mp3/4 player
26-Conviction: Nothing is ever what it seems. Not a job, a friend, a boss, a parent, a lover, a child. Take time to figure it out correctly. Try not to judge.
27-Conviction: It's ok to choose who to go out with. This way, you are sure everyone, yourself included, will have a good time.
28-Conviction: I cannot stomach immaturity at this age. It's so unattractive.
29-Conviction: My friend's mom told her almost 10 years ago that she should marry someone who could take care of her as well as her parent did. I thought then that this was a tall order and kind of unfair, but I see the wisdom in it now.
30-Conviction: Children should be better than their parents. Parents should work to make sure this happens.
31-Conviction: I will be doing this again near my 32nd birthday.