Friday, December 4, 2009

The 'Art' of Letting Go

I always knew I didn't like sports. The idea of chasing, hitting, or doing anything sporty with a ball was just too much for me. I, to this day, shudder at the thought of engaging in a real sport. Needless to say, my hobbies when I was younger were all 'artsy'. I studied drawing, painting, and music. I read a lot and wrote a lot of girly poems and short stories. I still love all these things today.

But I never did learn or understand the 'art' of letting go.

I am just someone who is not very good with not getting her way. Ok, sounds bratty, I know, but it's true. Up until perhaps the last 4 years of my life, I got almost everything I set my mind on. So you can imagine how the advice to let go, leave things, experience more than do necessarily, is driving me nuts. But I'm trying it out and I've found some interesting ways to relax.

One way is to focus on things that make me happy that don't require too much action'reaction from outside parties. I'm now thinking of creating a spa schedule, really thinking of a way to lose more weight, and a fixed set of activities with the kids. On a more 'concrete' note, I am trying to work out how to buy my own car and improve my computer situation at home. I am finding that, at least half the time now, my mind is focused on all those things and I feel less anxious about things I have no control over. I think this might actually work. I am feeling positive. What are other ways to de-focus? Suggestions?

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